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The Meditation Sessions

What is Meditation?

Meditation (dhyana) is popularly thought of as contemplation, or floating off into a dream like state. However, in yoga, meditation is a technique which, once learned, enables one to rest the mind. Reaching a state of meditation allows the practitioner to reach a state of consciousness that is different from normal waking states and from sleep states.There are many different approaches to meditation. This course does not involve any type of religion and does not require for you to have any belief or faith in God or spirituality. If you are religious or have a faith or spiritual practice, please feel free to contact us ( to discuss any concerns you may have about participating in this course. The course is suitable for people of all religions / faiths or beliefs.

Who is meditation for?

Anyone can have a go at meditation. There are different approaches and techniques (for example, mindfulness or transcendental). In this course the teacher will adopt a Yogic approach to meditation. Yoga is a practice which brings about a state of being where the mind is calm, accepting, unattached and observant. The teacher will use different techniques to help students practice meditation.

If you have any concerns about joining a meditation class – but would like to have a go at meditation, please give us a call or email us. we will be more than happy to discuss your concerns. (

Why learn to meditate? What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to be gained from learning and practicing meditation. Here are just a few:

  1. Its a self help tool. Once you know how to meditate, you can use it to help you feel calmer, refresh mind and body and improve your sleep.
  2. Meditaton is a totally FREE self help tool that you are in control of. (again – once you’ve learned how to do it).
  3. Meditation reduces stress – read this report here
  4. Meditation reduces fatigue (but also helps improve sleep patterns)
  5. Regular meditation reduces anxiety & depression.
  6. Not only does meditation reduce negative feelings like anxiety, it also INCREASES positive emotions such as happiness and well being.
  7. Read this summary of research which talks about 40 different benefits of meditation:
  8. If you get absolutely nothing else from your meditation practice ….you will still have spent twenty minutes down time…..time where you can step out of your daily habits and activities……and simply rest. Just resting and shutting off your phones and removing yourself from demands will make you feel better.

The Meditation Sessions run on 20th, 27th Jan & 3rd, & 10th Feb 2017

Each session runs from 11 am til 12 pm

Sessions include some gentle brief exercises to warm the body; information and explanations about meditation; instructions; meditation exercises and meditation; discussion and reflection.

Venue: Sam’s Cafe, Bevan Street East, Lowestoft

Teacher: Jan Lacey BWY

Please email or text or call 07927 752909 to book your place

We look forward to hearing from you.