Pure Energy Yoga

Pure Energy World aims to create yoga classes that will exercise the body in a gentle yet challenging way, getting the body moving, encouraging circulation (of lymphatic fluid and blood),oxygenation, flexibility and strength.

We also aim to provide an environment of non-judgementalism in order to encourage you to feel comfortable enough to try new postures, but mostly to enable you to let go of your concerns and worries about what other people think of you so that you can:

  • give yourself the mental space to begin observing your body and your innerself, without judgement;
  • listen to your body;
  • learn to move and breathe and live in a way that is helpful for you and your body.

The first few minutes of a yoga class are usually spent focusing the mind on the body and the breath, which begins the process of moving you, from your normal life into a mindful state, readying yourself to practise yoga. This will be followed by gentle exercises to warm the body, leading to yoga asanas designed to activate, stimulate, stretch, calm, strengthen or tone different  parts of the body (both internal and external).

A typical class will include breathing awareness with the asanas, and sometimes will include specific breathing techniques which are practised in a seated position, usually at the end of asana practice. This will then be followed by relaxation and or meditation.

The exact format will vary according to the teachers individual style and the level and purpose of the class.

If you want to find out more please <<contact>> us, or come along to one of our <<classes>> or <<workshops>>.

There are many different aspects to yoga, and different people study or practise yoga  for a variety of reasons. Each of our teachers has a slightly different take on yoga, and will bring a different feeling to their classes.

For the yoga student, yoga practise is personal. You will have your own ideas about what you want from it, from the purely physical (strengthen or tone muscle, to increase flexibility, to lower blood pressure, to relieve muscle tension), to the more mental and emotional aspects such as wanting to feel calmer and more relaxed. You may be interested in the more spiritual or religious aspects to yoga. Whatever yoga means to you, we will try to create an environment where you feel you can practise safely. Pure Energy World is a secular organisation and does not teach about the religious aspects of yoga. We welcome students of all religions and none.